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Klein & MBO

The seminal album from foundational Italo / proto House pioneers Klein & MBO

The impact of Klein & MBO, aka : Italian Mario Boncaldo and New Yorker Tony Carrasco, and their foundational Italo / proto House 1982 classics 'Dirty Talk', 'Wonderful' and 'MBO Theme' have long been recognised on the underground, with the weight of those tracks felt most famously via the influence on New Orders' 'Blue Monday' (the biggest selling 12" of all time - not a record that's going to be broken any time soon).
De-Ja-Vu was the six track mini album that followed those two singles in 1982, originally released on the Italian Zanza label. The title track immediately starts to show what were other strings to the duo's proverbial bow, with a post punk guitar line riding low slung bass, before the poppy vocal comes in (and immediately raises the question of how much New Order's fellow Mancs, Inspiral Carpets', had been listening to this during the 1990 'This is How it Feels' sessions).
Paean to NY 'Big Apple' is crisp, electronic vocal disco that still manages to sound like nothing else that was around back then, and 'I Love You' drifts gets unapologetically wonky, as synth, vocal and funk guitar chops seem to drift in differing harmonic directions, making for a gleeful avant pop set closer.

Music Composed and Arranged by : Mario Boncaldo - co. Arranged by: Davide Piatto.
Vocals and Lyrics Composed by: Tony Carrasco.
Recorded and Mixed at Rimini Studio Records. Engineered by: Mario Flores July 82.
Recorded at Sky Record Studio, Forli - Engineered by: Giuliano Capaci.
Remix at GRS Studio, Milan - Engineered by: Massimo Noè
Lead and Background Vocals: Klein, Rosanna, Namie, Tony.
All Noises by: Mario, Tony.
Ex. Producer s. Annunziata
Cover Design: Marco Cambieri.
Mixed by: M. Boncaldo & T. Carrasco
Published by: Targa IT. Srl - Saar srl - Milano.
(P) & (C) Klein and MBO Records

1. The Big Apple
2. The MBO Theme
3. Wonderful
4. Dirty Talk
5. De-Ja-Vu
6. I Love You